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Choosing Financial Plus for your business credit card is like choosing to walk on Easy Street.
You get something better!

Easy Street:  A condition of financial security or independence. 
That's the feeling that a good business credit card can give you, especially one with NO annual fee and the option to carry a balance at a competitive rate.   It's even better knowing that if you ever have a question or issue with your credit card, you'll be talking to the knowledgeable and friendly staff at Financial Plus, not some far away big bank. 
Already have a card and a balance somewhere else?  Consider a balance transfer, so you can enjoy the benefits of a business credit card from Financial Plus.
We offer cards from VISA and MasterCard. Take a minute to review our comparison chart to find the card that is right for you!
Card Type
APR for Purchases and Balance Transfers

8.50% to 18.50%
for MasterCard based on your creditworthiness

10.50% to 19.50% 
for MasterCard Cash Rewards based on your creditworthiness

APR for Cash Advance
10.50% to 20.50% 
for MasterCard based on your creditworthiness
12.50% to 21.50% 
for MasterCard based on your creditworthiness
Rewards None

on gas & grocery purchases* made in the first 60 days of your new account

on all other purchases

Grace Period
25 days
25 days
Method of computing the balance for purchase
Average daily balance method (excluding new purchases)
Average daily balance method 
(excluding new purchases)
Annual Fee
Minimum Finance Charge


Transactions Fee for Cash Advances:
Late Payment Fee: $15.00
Replacement Fee: $0.00
Returned Items: $10.00
NSF Payment: $15.00

Balance transferred from another institution to FPCU will have an APR equivilent to a cash advance.

All Rates displayed are variable Annual Percentage Rate (APR).

Please contact Financial Plus for full card program disclosures.