Financial Plus Credit Union

VIP Club

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Choosing Financial Plus as a senior is like choosing to accept rockstar status.
You get something better! 

What does VIP mean anyway?  Very Important Person?  Or is it that we Value Interesting People?  At Financial Plus, it's both! 

If you're 50 or plus years in age, the VIP Club is just for you.  On your 50th birthday you will automatically be enrolled in the VIP Club and that's where the party begins!
You'll enjoy this Variety of Illustrious Pluses:
  • Checks at no charge
  • Travelers Checks and corporate checks at no charge
  • Copy machine and notary service at no charge
  • Social events, including monthly coffees and luncheons, discounted group trips, seminars, and more
  • Quarterly newsletter with information important to you and you finances


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