Financial Plus Credit Union

Debit & ATM Cards

Choosing Financial Plus is like choosing a 24 hour gas station versus one that closed an hour ago.
You get something better!

Twenty four hour access is important to people on the go. Here are two easy ways to have access while you are on the go:

MasterCard EMV Debit Cards
Don't write checks at the checkout line.  Speed through with a MasterCard debit card from Financial Plus.  It looks like a MasterCard credit card, but the funds come directly out of your checking account.  This card also enjoys the same ATM card benefits listed below.

EMV cards are smart payment cards (also called chip cards or IC cards) which store data on integrated circuits rather than magnetic stripes. This creates dynamic data every time you make a transaction, making it nearly impossible for fraudsters to duplicate or clone your card. This feature provides you with security protection on your everyday purchases.

Free fraud text alerts when suspicious activity is detected on your debit card. If you receive a “fraud alert,” reply Yes or No to confirm or deny the activity.  If you reply No (the activity is fraudulent), you’ll quickly receive a follow up text to let you know that a SHAZAM fraud specialist will call you soon to help protect your account. We’ll also automatically block your debit card to prevent any additional fraudulent activity.  If you reply Yes (the activity was legitimate), you can continue to use your debit card as normal.  If you don’t reply to the text, or your phone number is not a mobile number, we’ll attempt to reach you via automated voice call.  Please note that fraud text alerts will be received from 72718 and automated fraud phone calls will come from 855-219-5399.

Our debit cards are also enabled for use with many mobile wallets.  Click here to learn more.

ATM Cards
ATM cards allow you check balances, and transfer and withdrawal funds in your account, at thousands of ATM locations worldwide.  Plus:

  • Eight withdrawals a month with no Financial Plus charge
  • Unlimited signature-based withdrawals from a Plus Checking Account


Enjoy surcharge free transactions at FPCU-owned ATMs or at any SHAZAM® Privileged Status Network ​​​ATM.  Find a SHAZAM® ATM near you and look for this logo.


Helpful Links:

  • Lost or Stolen ATM/Debit Card:  During business hours, notify Financial Plus immediately at 1-800-234-5628. If the credit union is closed, call 1-800-383-8000.
  • Blocked/Denied Debit Card Transaction:  During business hours, notify Financial Plus immediately at 1-800-234-5628. If the credit union is closed, call 1-866-508-2693.
  • Activation or Re-Pin Debit Card:  You can easily request a new pin for your Debit card by calling 1-800-717-4923.  For your security, you must call from the main phone number listed on your account and you will be asked some security questions.