Financial Plus Credit Union

Special Purpose

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Choosing Financial Plus for saving is like choosing to have a tank full of gas versus running on empty.
You get something better!

We hear time and time again; we don't save enough.  And we never truly understand that until the day we need those savings.  Financial Plus offers many products to help you save for whatever you need to save for - and not just longer term, larger savings.  That's where the Special Purpose Share Account comes in. 

All you need is $1.00 to open and maintain this account and you can save for whatever you like.  What a great way to budget for holidays, vacations, a down payment for a car, car repairs, household emergencies or even shopping trips.

You can even have payroll deduction into your Special Purpose Share Account to make saving even easier.  So don't drive around in life with your financial tank on E.  Fill it up with savings at Financial Plus.


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