Financial Plus Credit Union

Security Center

Your money is safe at Financial Plus.  Where it is not safe is in the hands of thieves.  You wouldn't put your money in the hands of thieves, would you?  Seems obvious.  But many times thieves get the information to access your account right from you.

Here's how it works.  Thieves will call, e-mail or text you, impersonating your credit card or financial institution.  They then work on your fear by saying your account has been compromised in some way and in order to reinstate it, they are going to need to verify your account number, social security number and even your personal identification number (PIN).  Financial Plus will NEVER call, e-mail or text you asking for these things. 

Thieves are hatching new schemes all the time.  And the only way to protect your information is through knowledge.  Through our Security Center you can learn about identity theft, the latest fraud attempts and how to check your credit report.  Stay informed and don't put your money in the hands of thieves.