Financial Plus Credit Union

**Mobile Deposit Outage - UPDATE**


We would like to first and foremost offer our sincerest apologies for the inconvenience the Mobile Deposit Outage has caused.  Starting Thursday June 21st, our Mobile Deposit services ceased.  Unfortunately, we are still unable to process mobile check deposits at this time and we feel your frustration.  We were informed this outage would be resolved within 48-72 hours, but as more information has come to light, we regret to inform you that the recovery time has been extended.  The company we contract with for our Mobile Deposit services has experienced a significant outage with their data causing a severe interruption in those services.  
We are confident through detailed explanation from their CEO and our Customer Service Manager that all data is safe and secure.  We want to emphasize that this is a hardware equipment issue, not a breach
They are working diligently 24/7 to get our services up and running, but due to the volume of data from multiple institutions and the necessity to thoroughly test each phase of recovery, the system is not moving information from their back up as fast as they had hoped.  They are getting institutions up and running one at a time as the data recovers.  We will keep you informed on any updates as soon as we hear them.  Again, we are terribly sorry for the inconvenience this is causing you.