Financial Plus Credit Union

First-Time Borrower

Choosing Financial Plus for your first loan is like choosing the right coach for your team.
You get something better!

If you are a rookie at borrowing money, it can be confusing and challenging.  Many institutions want to help first time borrowers, but without any credit history, they don't.  It leaves first time borrowers asking, "How am I supposed to build a good credit history, if I can't get a loan?"

At Financial Plus we always keep in mind that we are here to serve you and be your financial coach.  If you are at least 18 years or older and a first time borrower, we have a program to help. 

First, we will make sure you meet with one of our loan officers to review a credit report and understand how this report affects you - not only when borrowing, but when applying for jobs, obtaining insurance and sometimes even renting an apartment.

Next comes the loan.  We will make sure that we set up a loan within your means based on your income and terms that you can afford.  At Financial Plus, we want to help you, not hurt your new credit history.

So if it's your first time borrowing, turn to the people you know and trust - Financial Plus.


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