Financial Plus Credit Union

Online Banking

Choosing Financial Plus for Online Banking is like choosing to sleep better at night.
You get something better!

It's the middle of the night when all of a sudden you shoot straight up in bed and wonder if you paid that bill that was due.  Not only that, you wonder if you remembered to transfer funds from your savings to checking to cover it. 

Relax.  That's the beauty of Online Banking.  Just jump online, view your bills through Bill Payment and transfer funds when you need to.  Worries over.  In fact, Online Banking allows you to do much of your banking right from the comfort of your home or wherever you have internet access. 

  • Review account balances and history
  • Transfer funds
  • View cleared checks and eStatements
  • Access your credit union VISA or Mastercard accounts
  • Pay bills through Online Bill Payment
  • Apply for a loan

Register and start enjoying the convenience of banking online.

If you need help setting up your online banking, click here for steps.

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